What People Are Saying…

Nurse / Teaching Fellow – UK 

I am the module lead for Nursing people with Long Term Conditions and was interested in this as I can forsee my students will see increasing amounts of long-covid on placement. First webinar with your company. I was really impressed with the quality of the information and the delivery from the trainer (and the settings allowed me to eat lunch whilst I listened !!)  


As a Return to Practice nurse in response to the pandemic appeal, I have found these webinars invaluable in refreshing and updating knowledge across many subjects during a time when accessing nurse education is extremely difficult. The webinars are so informative because of the many trainers from different specialities and the ease of accessibility adds to the positive experience. Having a central point to store certificates and log reflections on MedAll is brilliant too, LWN really has covered CPD and revalidation!  


Thanks for this study I really need it as almost all my patients were elderly, I will use this learning to educate and encourage them in losing their weight.


I loved the pace and clarity of the teacher, explained in depth and detail. I learnt alot of things which I will be applying daily in my work

Home Visiting Nurse

The trainer, as always delivers the session brilliantly! Always in a way that can be understood and remembered

Nurse – Scotland

This session was great, clear to understand. The diagrams helped. Felt like I learnt a lot in a short period of time.

Practice Nurse  

I am pretty experienced PN for 32 yrs. Still learn from these fabulous presentations – first time with this speaker. Another excellent teacher.

Emergency Ambulance Crew

Nice and easy bite-size session. The trainer explained things in an easy-to-understand way. Definitely feel like I learned something and understand AF a lot better than before. Very useful knowledge for my line of work, where I come across patients with/at risk of AF a lot.

HCSW/Student Nurse

I’ve learnt more in those 45 minutes than I have learnt in 6 months of studying for my nursing degree, thank you, this was excellent

Practice Nurse

Really enjoying these educational sessions. Very user friendly and accessible. The lessons are short, and informative, offering golden nuggets to use in general nursing practice.

Cardiothoracic Surgical Care Practitioner

Well done to the presenter and the organisers and thank you for the webinar lectures they are really helpful


As a student studying for my A levels and aspiring to join the healthcare sector, I found this webinar very insightful and informative. It was interesting to see how conditions such as AF are dealt with and the extent of the effect the condition has on the population. To me it was surprising that a condition like AF which can go reasonably unnoticed can cause much more severe symptoms and effects and it really showed the importance of checking for it regularly.


Very engaging trainer. Brilliant basics recap. I have already recommended to students nurses and colleagues.


I really enjoyed the webinar, I myself am overweight and likely pre-diabetic! This had inspired me to follow a lower carb diet.

Trainee Nursing Associate

So pleased people are offering CPD in this format so important for keeping up to date with best practice and revalidation.

School Nurse

I found the trainer to be a very passionate and knowledgeable and explained everything with ease. She made everyone feel welcome and included at the start which I thought was so lovely!. She was really easy to listen to and understand and I felt she really cared about us as she delivered her presentation. She was also helpful answering all the questions and signposted to more resources. Just brilliant I was really impressed and I really grateful to be able to access this webinars.

Registered Nursing Associate

Having transitioned from HCA to RNA I feel these webinar training programs are easy to understand and having the chance to ask questions but no need to participate generally helps you to grow your confidence levels at your own pace.

Return to practise nurse GPN route

So pleased people are offering CPD in this format so important for keeping up to date with best practice and revalidation.

Practice Nurse

Thank you. I’ve listened to all 3 webinars on BP and found them informative and link nicely into each other. Useful tips today for lifestyle and sign posting patients towards tools that will give them so control over their medical conditions

Physiotherapist (return to practice)

I thought the trainer’s presentation was really great. I have been studying the medication used for HT as part of my Cardiac Rehab training, but her explanation really drove the subject home, so thank you!!

Practice Nurse

All the trainers for learn with nurses are so good with their subjects and engage really well with the questions and the chat.