Created by nurses with years of expertise and a passion for your learning…

Learn With Nurses (LWN) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) offering free, dynamic and innovative virtual training for the entire integrated clinical team, enabling them to make a real difference to patients.

LWN commenced training during the COVID-19 lockdown to help provide much needed education and support for Nurses through a very difficult time, though it soon became clear that we could help all Healthcare Professionals.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Learn With Nurses aim is to help HCPs globally access knowledge of health conditions they may need to understand and treat. This empowers nurses and HCPs and makes them feel connected – both to their role and other professionals.

Our Webinars


Short, snappy and free


Can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection – from sofas to coffee shops and beyond


An easy way to be learn and remember the essentials



Provide a convenient way to stay up to date on the latest topics


Help HCPs stay connected during challenging times


Offer inspiring and engaging content

Worried that you don’t know enough about co-morbidities in a post-COVID world?

Learn with Nurses can help you stay informed on these essential topics.

Evidence shows that COVID-19 can be serious for people who already have other health issues.Keeping up to date on essential topics such as asthma, atrial fibrillation, blood pressure, cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, heart attacks and heart failure is vital to keeping people safe and well – under ‘normal’ times, and especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing into endemic.


LWN in Numbers






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