Understanding Blood Pressure

This 40-minute webinar by Learn With Nurses Founder and Director, Michaela Nuttall, offers medical professionals a novel introduction to understanding blood pressure. They will learn about the pathophysiology and the role of baroceptors with an easy to remember analogy of dinosaurs and dinner ladies. Participants can also gain verification from healthcare professionals worldwide in order […]

Understanding Atrial Fibrillation

This 40-minute webinar is the perfect opportunity for healthcare professionals to gain a deeper understanding of Atrial Fibrillation. Participants will have an opportunity to gain a refresher on what is AF, what to look out for, while also having the chance to receive a unique certificate of participation for CPD and access to presentation slides […]

Atheroma when it’s CVD

An overview to identify differing levels of severity of atheroma and their clinical implications. Demonstrate an understanding on how chronic vascular disease is linked to atheroma. Explain associated risk factors and lifestyle modifications that reduce the risk of progression to CVD from atheroma.Delivered in a 40-minute bite-sized webinar by Learn With Nurses Founder and Director Michaela […]

Chest pain when it’s not traditional CVD

Join Michaela Nuttall for an enlightening and informative session to discuss non-traditional causes of chest pain to identify the signs and symptoms of chest pain that are not generally associated with traditional cardiovascular disease (CVD). She will describe the key differences between chest pain originating from traditional CVD and other sources. This session is a […]