Diabetes and Oral Health

A collaboration between C3 Collaborating for Health, the Commonwealth Nurses and Midwifery Federation and Learn With Nurses.

Funded by Burdett Trust for Nursing

Nurses and midwives are in a unique position to raise awareness about the importance of oral health and provide oral health education to individuals, families and communities. Implementing preventive measures early will alleviate individual pain, discomfort and disfigurement and reduce the economic burden of oral diseases on individuals and the health system.


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    Available on demand

    Recorded July 24th 2023

    The first webinar in the new series Diabetes and Oral Health:

    Why should nurses look in mouths?

    The how, when and why of oral health assessment for nurses and midwives

    An overview of the anatomy of the mouth and how to do an oral assessment:

    1. Update on oral anatomy
    2. Importance of oral health to general health
    3. Practical guide to oral health assessment for nurses and midwives
    4. Contribution of nurses and midwives to improving population oral health.

    Available on demand

    Recorded August 2nd 2023

    Diabetes and Oral Health:

    A two-way relationship

    • To give healthcare professionals information, so that they understand the importance of providing people with diabetes education regarding their oral health
    • To understand the potential bi-directional relationship between diabetes and poor oral health
    • For health care professionals to undertake and oral assessment as part of the diabetes annual review

    Available On Demand

    Recorded on August 10th 2023

    Michaela and Jill deliver an insightful discussion on the social determinants of health focusing on the influence of advertising covering:

    • The impact of inequalities on oral health – why oral health outcomes are unequal across populations.
    • The impact of advertising on oral health – advertising of food, beverages, and oral hygiene products.
    • Practical solutions to level the playing field and a role for nurses and midwives.

    Available On Demand

    Recorded on August 15th 2023

    Jill and Judy discuss the association of oral health with general health and diabetes. The webinar will discuss the impact of oral disease leading to systemic complications and the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.


    Available on demand

    Recorded 17th October 2023

    Judy joins Michaela to discuss mouth care and diabetes including:

    What should nurses be looking for inside someone’s mouth?

    Practical advice

    Why don’t nurses look in mouths?

    Challenges and opportunities Care homes, CQC and mouth care.

    A missed opportunity for diabetes?

    Available on demand

    Recorded October 25th 2023

    Michaela and Jill  deliver for the next instalment of the series ‘What about the kids’ discussing:

    Why do children have such a high incidence of dental caries?

    Is the current emphasis on oral health just a clever advertising campaign to sell more oral health products?

    Available on demand

    Recorded October 26th 2023

    Christine Hancock Founder and Director of C3, Collaborating for Health is joined by Jill Iliffe, Executive Secretary, Commonwealth Nurses and Midwifery Federation to discuss ‘Why doesn’t everyone brush their teeth as part of the Diabetes and Oral Health Series.

    Available on demand

    Recorded October 31st 2023

    Michaela Nuttall and Molly Agarwal talk about oral health – Should we leave it all to the dentists? This LWN in Conversation style webinar will discuss:

    Haven’t nurses got enough to do?

    Should dentists look for diabetes?


    Michaela Nuttall

    RGN MSc

    Founder and Director 

    Learn With Nurses

    Judy Downey

    RGN BSc (Hons)

    Diabetes Nurse Specialist 

    Jill Iliffe


    Executive Secretary


    Nursing & Midwifery


    Molly Agarwal

     Public Health Professional

    Dental Care Professional

    (Overseas Dentist)

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    “Was very interesting and informative especially about oral care and its effect on type 2 diabetes.”

    “Interesting topic. Within the OH setting, oral health is a key check within the food industry ( for food hygiene purposes, mostly.) Thinking of the demographics and associates health challenges of many of these employees,I can see the correlation quite clearly. Worth introducing to other sectors too.”

    “This session was very informative and interesting. there was a lot I wasn’t aware of that I will put into practice and also encourage my colleague to do the same.”

    A good selection of webinars offered through this platform.”

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