LWN in Conversation

LWN in Conversation

The LWN in Conversation series of webinars invite guest speakers to discuss a broad range of topics. The webinars are delivered live and recorded but no need to dress up, all attendee cameras are off and microphones muted however audience participation is actively encouraged via the chat function to bring various perspectives to the session. The recording is made available after the event to watch on demand and links will be added to this page.

Settle down with a cup of tea, put your feet up and treat yourself to 40 minutes of easy-to-understand webinars at Learn With Nurses. It’s free, and convenient, and all HCPs are welcome.

At the end of the session, there is a very short evaluation and then you will receive a certificate.

LWN in Conversation events available On-Demand

Revalidation for UK nurses presented by Una O'COnnor and Naomi Stetson

Want to test your knowledge on Carbon Monoxide? Take the #LWNBigQuiz before and after the webinar and compare results.

Carbon Monoxide: a poison and a killer

A 40-minute Conversation style webinar presented Learn With Nurses Founder and Director Michaela Nuttall  with guest speaker Laura Fawzia Fatah discussing Carbon Monoxide:

  • What is carbon monoxide poisoning? What can the effects be?
  • How can carbon monoxide poisoning be detected/diagnosed?
  • Is there any evidence that this is happening on a wide scale?
  • What do nurses need to know?
  • Are some people at higher risk?

Recorded 21st November 2022 as part of #COAW

The RCN magazine article on Carbon Monoxide poisoning features LWN Michaela Nuttall and her work for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. The article also contains a link to the RCN ‘Think CO’ training module.

Health Inequalities

Delivered in a 40-minute bite-sized webinar by Learn With Nurses Founder and Director Michaela Nuttall and LWN Strategic Partnership Lead, Award Winning Business Consultant Becky Warnes

Recorded on 16th November 2022

Revaidation for Uk Nurses

Presented by LWN Operations Manager Una O’Connor RGN with Naomi Stetson RGN

A discussion outlining and simplifying the revalidation process, including answering questions from the audience

Recorded on 10th November 2022

Equality in cardiovascular care

Presented by Michaela Nuttal with guest speakers Beth Fordham & Lucy Bell to discuss Equality in Cardiovascular Care

– High level description of what our methodology and technology can provide above traditional market research.

– Why we decided to tackle this subject:

– Cardiovascular diseases are estimated to take 153,000 lives in the UK every year, and 17.9 million lives globally

– There is a proven disparity in quality of cardiovascular health because of social determinants of health like, sex and gender, and neighbourhood poverty, a root cause of which is inequality and bia

Recorded on 9th November 2022

Nursing and holistic care. Is it really possible?

  • What is holistic care?
  • What are the frustrations of not being able to provide holistic care?
  • Learning from the Parish Nursing model in providing holistic care:
  • What is parish nursing?
  • How does it work in practice?
  • What can I take away from this to use in my own practice?

Delivered in a 40-minute bite-sized webinar by Learn With Nurses Founder and Director Michaela Nuttall with Guest Speaker Dawn Stephens, Regional Nurse Coordinator for Parish Nursing Ministries UK

Recorded on 14th October 2022

“Medical Education Saves Lives”

Learn With Nurses Founder and Director Michaela Nuttall is joined by MedAll Founder and CEO Dr Phil McElnay to launch our brand new series of Learn With Nurses in conversation.

Join Michaela and Phil as they discuss:

  • The positive impact of medical education globally.
  • How and why the amazing platform MedAll evolved to deliver medical education virtually
  • The benefits for busy HCPs to register, view and access all things webinar related in one place.

Recorded on 28th September 2022

These webinars are part of the LWN series provided FREE to increase accessibility to all.

At LWN we feel it is important to continue to deliver FREE webinars, especially during the current cost of living crisis and global disasters restricting attendees’ ability to continue their professional development in healthcare and medical education. The trainers volunteer to deliver webinars without payment however there are back-office costs that have to be covered. If you would like to donate towards the costs incurred in providing webinars to help LWN continue to offer free webinars, please visit our LWN Donations page by clicking the DONATE button

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